Automotive Services

Quality Assurance

INP TEQ Automotive is a unique division of INP North America providing quality risk management for the automotive industry. Our services include mechanical, technical, and engineering services supporting automotive OEM’s and their suppliers. INP TEQ’s pledge is to provide the most capable team of technicians, mechanics, and engineers that establishes INP TEQ as the preferred service and support provider in the automotive industry.

The general services that INP TEQ provides is:

  • Automotive Repair Support at all points of assembly, production, storage, and transit.
  • Automotive Retrofit Support including the scheduling of cars for recall support, logistics for parts, and final quality assurance to determine if the vehicle meets operational standards.
  • Automotive Port / Compound Operations to address repair, retrofit, and QA checks once the vehicle leaves the factory and is en route to the dealers. INP TEQ will provide the skilled technicians and retrofitters to perform precision tracking of assets and documentation for the record on each vehicle.
  • Automotive – Show / Press Car Preparation which includes preparing the vehicles for show quality demonstrations and viewing. In short, we prepare the vehicles for impeccable appearance and performance physically and performance.
  • Automotive – R&D Vehicle Validation Support at manufacturing plants, test centers, and vehicle processing centers supporting evaluation, diagnostics, engineering, and test driving.

The provision of a well-rounded INP TEQ Team exclusively includes team members with a high level of technical knowledge and expertise, as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills. You will not find a better motivated, flexible, and operationally ready team in the industry. INP TEQ provides a competitive benefits package that leads to minimum turnover of personnel. We focus on customer satisfaction, quality, and precision of workmanship.

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