Power Generation


The commissioning of a new system is the end of a long road in paying attention to detail. It requires the integrating of the customer workforce, as well as discipline of both process and procedure in following a project plan to completion and delivery of the system on time and with the full functionality promised. At INP North America, we do exactly that with every customer.

INP North America has a strong and experienced capability to provide commissioning services for a broad range of electrical instrumentation and control systems for the Power Generation industry. We conduct loop checks on control systems, fine tune gas and steam turbines, and commission excitation systems, protection relays, generators, switchgear (GIS/AIS) and high-voltage (HV) switchyard. We execute these tasks and functions with pride, integrity and consistency in providing a wide variety of functional test certificates and reports.

Our range and depth of experience in North America include projects completed for Siemens Energy, ALSTOM, and Voith Hydropower.

Reference Projects

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Location: 4 Different locations over the Ohio River Willow Island
System/Technology: Cold and hot commissioning of the hydro turbines control system and the electrical equipment in general, UPS, battery banks, generator and transformer protections.

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