Power Generation

Installation Supervision

INP guarantees integrated installation supervision from our Power Generation team. INP is dedicated to “one on one” guidance during the detailed installation process. Our highly trained engineers and technicians can work with your installation crew on site, and ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible from beginning to end using structured project management phases and principles. The project phases under installation included starting up, installation inspection, and conducting multi-faceted functional testing of your system.

INP gained valuable practical experience working on the Eastern and Western Alberta (EATL and WATL) projects which were completed in Canada in December of 2014. For this project a team of highly trained and experienced INP engineers provided installation supervision for four HVDC substations.

INP North America has insightful and diverse experience with American and European technologies related to power generation and transmission. Our knowledge of these systems and equipment include technologies which shape the future of the industry such as high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) electrical transmission methods.

Reference Projects

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Location: 4 Different Sites
System/Technology: Win-DTC and Win-CC, Siprotec 4

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