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  LaFarge Cement  
Project: S5 to S7 PLC Upgrade
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Technology: Siemens S5 and S7
Purchaser: LaFarge Cement
Purchase Value: > $100,000
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Project Description

In January 2007 INP began a turn key automation modernization project for the LaFarge Cement Atlanta plant.  The project entailed replacing all the automation equipment consisting of over 1200 IO points on the Silos, Blending System, Packer, Palletizer, and Stretch Hooder.  

Following a detailed audit of the existing control systems, the INP engineering team designed a replacement control system and procured the required control equipment.  The control equipment was pre-assembled and prepared for installation in the existing control cabinets.  The control system software was analyzed, converted and adjusted for the new hardware platform.  Networking equipment and software were assembled and tested. 

On February 10th 2007 the planed 7 day maintenance shutdown began, and the INP team mobilized.  5 control panels were locked out and the work began.  The existing control equipment was removed, the panels cleaned and the new control equipment installed and wired.  By the end of the 3rd day of the shutdown 4 of the 5 panels were complete and ready to be reenergized.  After the panels were reenergized each was re-commissioned and brought back on line.  On February 17, 2007 the plant was returned to production as scheduled. 

INP had taken a modernization program that had been planned for 3 separate 7 day maintenance shut downs and completed it in one.

INP Services

  • Control system engineering
  • Control system programming
  • Control system assembly and testing
  • Control System Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation

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