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  Lehigh Cement  
Project: Automatic Load Spout Positioning System
Location: Union Bridge, Maryland
Technology: Siemens S7
Purchaser: Lehigh Cement
Purchase Value: < $50,000
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Project Description

Lehigh Cement Company was founded in 1897 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and over the years has become one of the leading suppliers of cements and construction materials in the United States and Canada.

To speed up the loading process of trucks and train containers INP equipped the Leheigh facility in Union Bridge, Maryland, with two Automatic Loading Spout Positioning Systems (ALPS).

The ALPS can be used for the automatic positioning of loading spouts in bulk loading distribution terminals. It uses Imaging Processing Hardware and Software to scan the surface of a truck or a train cement container vessel to find the open hatch. The system can be configured for stand-alone operation or can be integrated into any standard control system via Profibus.  The level of integration into the existing system is at the customer’s discretion.

INP Services

  • Assembly and delivery of hardware
  • Installation supervision
  • Commissioning

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