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  US State Department  
Project: Power Control & Monitoring System, Department of State
Location: Various US State Department Facilities Worldwide
Technology: Automation & Power Distribution
Purchaser: Siemens / US Department of State
Purchase Value: > $50,000 ea
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Project Description

The US State Department operates facilities all over the globe.  Recently they initiated a program to update these facilities.  Part of the program includes the installation of new power distribution systems equipped with a state of the art power control and monitoring systems.  INP has been working together with OEM’s and general contracting firms to provide these state of the art automated power control and monitoring systems.  The systems consist of PLC based redundant control systems connected to power distribution and metering equipment, allowing for easily adjusted automated responses to various conditions which affect the electric power system.  The systems manage many types of situations including major events like power outages and minor events like time changes.  The system handles tasks such as automatic transitions to and from emergency generators, as well as load shedding.

INP Services

  • Control system engineering
  • Control system programming
  • Control system assembly and testing
  • On site commissioning
  • Documentation

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