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  Boral Bricks  
Project: Bag House for Filtering Emissions
Location: Salisbury, NC
Technology: Allen Bradley
Purchaser: E.I. Tech, Germany
Purchase Value: < $100,000  
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Project Description

Due to State Laws America's largest Brick manufacturer “Boral Bricks” had to outfit their production facility in North Carolina with a dust collector. Boral Brick relied on German Technology and ordered a complete dust collector from the German company E.I. Tech.

As E.I Tech didn't have much experience with American customers they looked for a company that could provide this experience. In INP they found an ideal partner since INP employs American as well as German engineers.

INP Services
  • E.I. Tech assigned INP for engineering, building and commissioning  the bag house control unit based on an Allen Bradley PLC. Part of the contract was also the electrical installation of the whole unit, including a 100HP fan motor.

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